Horizon 2020 – Recruitment of Experts

The European Commission is currently asking people to register as an expert for future assessment rounds of Horizon 2020 funding. Being a part of the assessment process gives you insights into how good proposals are written (as well as bad ones!) and will give you a sense of the types of things that are funded through the programme. If you are interested and serious about research funding in Europe then you should register your details. The expert process can lead to growing your own professional network as well, potentially opening up new opportunities.

The call from the EC can be found here. If you haven’t previously registered on the EU portal then you can do that here. You will need to select the ‘External’ registration link. If you are interested in finding out who the experts were that scored the latest rounds of Horizon 2020 funding then these can be found here (you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page).

Remember, if you do register to become an expert then please let your university research office know as it is useful to understand what ‘experts’ you work with when developing and supporting research funding applications.


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