ISRF Mid-Career Fellowships

Then Independent Social Research Foundation (ISRF) will launch their new Mid-Career Fellowship funding call in January 2016. The  Foundation wishes to support independent-minded researchers to do interdisciplinary work which is unlikely to be funded by existing funding bodies. It is interested in original research ideas which take new approaches, and suggest new solutions, to real world social problems.

The scheme supports innovative research which breaks with existing explanatory frameworks so as to address afresh empirical problems with no currently adequate theory or investigative methodology. Innovation may also come from controversial theoretical approaches motivated by critical challenge of incumbent theories.

The ISRF will fund up to £60,000 over 12 months which can be used to buy out teaching and administrative responsibilities. ISRF generally expects applicants to be 10 years post PhD and be in a salaried position at an HE institution. Applications close at 4pm on 19th February 2016.

Further details can be found on the ISRF website.  If you are interested in applying for this call then please speak to your university Research Office in the first instance.