ORCID expands in the UK

Research Council’s UK have just announced that their on-line grant systems will be in a position to record ORCID identifiers from early in 2016. Further information relating to this change can be found here.

ORCID is an international system that assigns researchers who sign up with a unique digital identity. This digital identity enables an accurate record of research outputs to be kept for individuals researchers irrespective of any changes to home institution or even if they were to leave academia altogether. It will provide a simple way that people can see all of the research for an individual, thus hopefully making research more discoverable. Individual academics or researchers can find out more about ORCID and sign up if they wish on the ORCID website.

Although having an ORCID identifier is not compulsory for all funding applications in the UK some funders now require you to input an ORCID identifier when you make an application. These include Wellcome Trust and NIHR for all personal award applications.

If you haven’t yet signed up to get your own ORCID identifier then now may be a good time to do it!