Proving impact, improving performance

Evaluation and Research Services


Cloud Chamber design and deliver evaluations for not-for-profit organisations, and provide evaluation training

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Cloud Chamber conducts consultancy assignments drawing on our extensive research and organisational experience

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Research Development

Cloud Chamber supports Higher Education Institutions to develop their research capacity, infrastructure, and strategy

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How we work

Our working practice is based on five principles:

      • Objectivity: our integrity depends on our ability to be objective in our thinking and the advice we give
      • Curiosity: we have enquiring minds and know how to ask the right questions and get answers
      • Rigour: we seek to deliver academic rigour while keeping to commercial timelines and expectations
      • Honesty: we will tell you what we think and back it up with evidence
      • Clarity: we speak and write clearly and succinctly


Who we work with

What our clients say

  • "We have had excellent feedback from clients and volunteers they interviewed… We would definitely work with them as consultants in the future again.”
  • "Matthew is very easy to work with – he is flexible but authoritative, and we have commissioned further work from him as a result of our first experiences.”
  • “Matthew provided a professional and high quality service... The report he wrote went through peer review by two academics …Both gave the report the highest possible mark.”