Our solutions.

We offer tailored support to help you achieve more. We’ll give you solutions you can trust because our work is always rooted in evidence and experience. We can be your learning partner, evaluator, trainer or researcher.​

Learning partner & evaluator

We work alongside you to co-create and learn together, enhancing your services, performance and culture.

Organisational management & performance
We work with organisations to improve the way they work including performance monitoring and measurement

Evidence gathering, review & analysis
We conduct a range of evidence gathering and applied research assignments to meet your specific requirements

We co-create Theories of Change and of monitoring & evaluation frameworks and advise on evaluation methodologies

Formative and summative evaluations including process, impact and economic studies


We help you to solve problems, develop services, improve performance and create new futures through robust qualitative and quantitative research.

Qualitative Research
Our expertise covers a range of methods ranging from focus groups, depth interviews, case studies and online qualitative approaches. We capture powerful narratives, telling stories by engaging with people.

Quantitative Research
Our survey work, statistical, and data analysis are rigorous and help you collect the right information to answer your questions and improve your services.

Tailoring Solutions
Doing the best research means using the right methods. Mixed-methods approaches provide insights to help triangulate and validate data, giving you the evidence you need. We tailor our approaches to help you get the answers you need to help you improve.


Academic Capacity
Equality, diversity and inclusion in research settings, individual academic funding strategies and institutional research strategies.

Grant development support

We share our bidding expertise with a range of organisations, including higher education institutions, to help improve their application writing and success.

Theory of Change + Monitoring and Evaluation
We help organisations understand the value of Theories of Change and give them the skills to develop and implement Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks .

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