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We’re a small team with a diverse background, but that’s what makes us so unique.

Emma Roberts

I’m an evaluator, researcher and learning partner with a passion for helping third sector organisations to do more. I am always looking for new ways to make my evaluation work meaningful, engaging, and enjoyable for everyone involved, especially communities.  I have a passion for qualitative methods, maximising opportunities for authentic engagement.

My favourite part of the job is the breakthrough moment during analysis of qualitative research when the themes click into place, bringing decision makers closer to the experiences of the people they serve.

My career highlight was presenting findings of a community research project alongside David Lammy MP in Tottenham

Outside of work, I enjoy practicing yoga, experimenting in the kitchen and walking in the forest.

Lachlan Smith

I’m a qualitative researcher who draws on my background in the higher education and public sectors to helps funders, universities, and charities to understand and improve the impact of their programmes and research. I am passionate about equality and diversity and reflects this in all of my work.

My favourite part of the job is talking with clients about complex or difficult strategic and operational issues, helping them to challenge the status quo, improving opportunity for everyone.

My career highlight was having the opportunity to work with amazing academics and universities in China and Kenya, helping them to produce outstanding research in complex environments.

Outside of work, I love cricket, especially Australian cricket! I’ve recently established Birmingham’s first LGBTQ+ inclusive cricket club, the Unicorns.

Richard Stephens

I have a background in research and strategy and specialise in applying these skills to developing business cases from the perspective of service users. I have worked in the public, private and third sectors and enjoy applying the different perspectives from these experiences to bring fresh thinking to the challenges facing our clients. I’m particularly happy visiting services and seeing how things work in practice so that our analysis and recommendations are grounded in real-world issues.

My favourite part of the job is being able to frame and structure difficult problems in ways that allow progress to be made based on robust evidence and a focus on ‘what really matters’. I am used to dealing with particularly challenging or political situations and find it very rewarding being able to cut through this. This is particularly relevant in the third sector where our clients are often faced with difficult decisions as they adapt to a rapidly changing world.

My career highlight was the five years I spent working with the European Commission to report on the illegal cigarette trade within the EU. As well as leading a complex international research effort, this required me to build trust, rapport, and consensus with each of the 27 Member States to agree our findings at an annual presentation to the Berlaymont in Brussels.

Outside of work, I have two teenage daughters and, not uncoincidentally, enjoy cycling long distances and travelling.

Richard Sutcliffe

I am an economist by training, and I specialise in applying quantitative methods to social problems. I’m particularly skilled in qualitative research, conducting interviews sensitively with vulnerable and hard to reach groups.

My favourite part of the job is the sheer variety of projects I work on, the social issues we contribute to and the people I get to work with. I enjoy solving problems and applying new analytical techniques.

My career highlight was having my research mentioned in the Guardian. My three favourite research methods are multivariate analysis, one to one depth interviews, and choropleth/heat mapping.

Outside of work, I like to improve my home, keep the garden in-check and spend time with my children. I tend not to have any spare time for any hobbies or interests!

Matthew Terry

I lead Cloud Chamber’s evaluation practice. I’ve been an evaluator for more than a decade and have worked with some of the country’s most respected and well-known organisations such as the RNLI, Macmillan Cancer Support, the British Science Association and the British Academy.

My favourite part of the job is the sheer variety: no two weeks are the same. It helps to keep me on my toes and our clients benefit from the cross-fertilisation of ideas that comes from such a diverse portfolio of work.

I’m most proud of how the company has grown and established itself since I founded it in 2012. We’ve shown how research and evaluation can make a real difference.

I’m a nerdy lover of programme theory, behaviour change and evaluation training. I’m currently a Council Member of the UK Evaluation Society.

Outside of work I’m a fan of board games, bats, and astronomy.

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These are the five words we live by. They're our values and our guiding principles.


We start by acknowledging privilege and power, striving for inclusive methodologies and approaches.


We have curiously enquiring minds and know how to ask the right questions and get meaningful insight.


We collect powerful data, narratives and evidence to answer your questions.


We work creatively to tailor our approach and draw on the best methods to inspire.


We strive for excellence and deliver rigorous research while keeping to commercial timelines and expectations